Saturday, February 14, 2015


It is time for this blog to come to an end.  For obvious reasons.  I am launching a new and PRIVATE blog as of today.  If you would like to receive an invite, please email me at

Thank you and adieu.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

The beautiful hand painted bead necklace my mini's made me.  love it!

It's snowing!!!!  He prayed all week and held faith it would and then he got his Christmas miracle.  I am so happy the snow came.  

Ammy is such a good sport.  Thanks to Auntie Britty for the hair tools!  

She likes LOTS of sprinkles 

A sunset just like on the Grinch 

Family Christmas eve dinner

the tradition continues - Christmas eve Pjs 

So hang your stockings and say your prayers 'cause Santa Claus comes tonight!  

He got exactly what he wanted!!!

New dolly and stroller


Do you want to build a snowman??

Hard at work all day and loving every minute of it.  

Sunday, November 30, 2014

the Return of Buster McSkittlepants

 It's the eve of December first.  
let the games begin!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

He couldn't decide

He didn't know which dressup he wanted to play.  But he did know that he wanted to accessorize.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


I swear I had just as much fun watching the kids Trick or Treat as they did doing it.  I love Halloween!  It started last weekend when I took the kids to the ward Party.  I went as Day of the Dead and ended up winning Scariest costume.  Wasn't expecting that!  I practiced my makeup the night before, praying the kids didn't wake up before I washed it off.  They helped me pick out which face to do but when I got ready for the party, I made them all sit in the bathroom with me and watch the transformation.  they were all okay with it,  Ammy was still a little hesitant if I got too close to him but other than that, they loved it.  The whole party I think he was the most excited.  "It's Halloween, mom!" he kept saying,  It was so sweet.

Then for Halloween yesterday, Dallin and I took the kids out together.  We first hit up a mall but it was really lame.  Everyone was just giving out tootsie rolls.  We drove up the mountain and found a really good neighborhood and the kids ran door to door for about an hour and a half.  It was great and they got some major loot.

Zade-Spiderman, Nev- Tinkerbell, Ammy- Ninja Turtle, Dace- Ninja

I love how the sunlight lit up her wings like they were glowing

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Triumphant Therapy in Zions, Part 2 - Observation Point

I decided to stay an extra day before heading home and get one more hike in.  I wanted something else to test me, another 'strenuous' option.  I chose Obersavation Point, 8 miles round trip, over 6500ft at summit and 6+ hours for time according to the guide.  It was on the opposite side from angels landing and further up the road (both of which you must shuttle in during this time of year).

I started at the trailhead at 1035am.  The trail was immediately steep and within seconds i was already panting.  The steep slope finally relented into switchbacks but the intensity did not let up.  I did not know if I was going to be able to make it if it stayed this extreme.  The path was along the mountainside and was completely out in the open which was really messing with my head. I felt a lot more vulnerable than I did yesterday and i was so much closer to ground level.  I stopped at the first trail split and took a seat to evaluate.  I ate my banana, caught my breath and assessed my situation.
Can I really do this?!?!?!

While I sat there, i listened to an older couple having a conversation with a young man.  The couple headed to the right up to a viewpoint just a few switchbacks away.  The East Rim trail, which led to Observation Point, was to the right.  The guy stayed behind, seemingly in the same situation as I was.  I asked if he was heading to the point.  He said, yes that was the goal but he wasn't sure if he could do it.  We both had the same concerns about physical endurance, altitude vulnerability etc but really wanted to make it to summit.  I asked if he wanted to walk with me for a bit and he said sure.  We started walking, single file and hugging mountainside, chatting along the way.  We hit it off instantly.  Our conversation flowed easily and we had a lot in common and similar personalities.  We were instant friends.  His name was Dennis.

Before we knew it, nerves subsided and we were climbing at a steady pace.  The views along the way were just unbelievable.  We got more and more excited as we went because what was the view at summit going to look like, plus we'd have the accomplishment of being able to say "I did it!"  That 'hikers ego' can really kick in sometimes and get you motivated.
entering into the first canyon 

walking on dry river bed inside the canyon 

closeup of River.  

Path out of river continuing to summit.  River is below on the right.  

Almost to summit and we discover stonehenge in the distance.  We named it Zionghenge.  I want to know more!

Finally, we got to Observation Point.  Our time was 2:30.  Not bad at all!  it was quite busy up there.  About 30 people all taking pics and resting and having picnics.  A chorus of different languages and everyone friendly, meeting each other and helping takes pictures.  Outdoor people are always so friendly and happy.  it's all the vitamin D and endorphins and testosterone running through the veins from the strenuous activity.  i love it!  Here's pics from up at the summit:  

We made the descent in 2 hours flat.  So we did the round trip in 4:30, 8 miles, climbing elevation to 6500+ and hiking over 2000ft in gained altitude.

This was one of the best hikes of my life.  i am so glad i finished.  I am glad I met Dennis along the way.  We needed each other to get this done.  isn't it funny how paths cross like that in life?  This was a major win for me that day and in my life at the present moment.  I am so grateful that i can say, see that hike, to that summit?  Yeah i did that and I killed it!